What is Genesis?

GENESIS® is a range  of  Functional  Food and drink  products  that  are  scientifically formulated   to be nutritionally complete and balanced. Every portion of genesis nutritional products gives you the perfect balance of Low GI carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.GENESIS® contains 55 key nutrients and every 100g gives 100%  of your daily recommended allowance of all 13 vitamins.   All GENESIS® products are formulated  with a unique patented and clinically tested functional ingredients called Sel-Plex® and Bio-Mos®.  GENESIS® can be eaten or made into a shake.  All GENESIS® products are free of common occurring allergens such as gluten, wheat, lactose and nuts. Its super convenient, just add water.  No need for cooking and zero preparation work.  A great meal for on the go people.

Product Highlights

  • High in protein and energy
  • Complete balanced
  • Nutrient dense meal
  • Contains 55 essential nutrients
  • Convenient and versatile as a meal or shake
  • Innovative package offering
  • 10 Minerals
  • 5 Antioxidants
  • 19 Amino Acids
  • 5 Electrolytes
  • 2x WOW factors Sel-Plex & Bio-Moss √
  • Low GI energy
  • 100% NRV of 13 vitamins at 100g
What is Genesis?