How it reduces DNA and oxidative stress damage .

Selenium, a small substance for a small villain.
The world in which we live has seen many challenges over thousands of years and has bounced back each time with balance restored and a different type of vigour. Not least of these challenges is the current viral pandemic in which we find ourselves. 

We should all aim to balance our bodily systems in general, which encompasses a balanced, well-functioning immune system and a body mostly devoid of systemic inflammation.

Systemic inflammation is now regarded by various authorities on human health as the major driving force behind most of the chronic diseases afflicting humans around the globe, mostly brought on by our increased consumption of industrialised, highly processed foods that do not occur in nature. Our bodies were designed and our DNA molecules developed the specific blueprint that responds to cues from nature; the right sounds, colours and nutrients it provides, which directs our DNA to express the body’s genes to make proteins that are biologically appropriate to sustain a balanced system. When we disrupt this delicately balanced system by feeding it the wrong or ‘anti’-nutrients our genes express more pro-inflammatory molecules.
As such we need to focus on what we put into our mouths and form a vivid picture of the effect it WILL have on our body systems at the genetic level

Let's look at a specific ingredient in the Genesis® Nutritional Products range namely selenium. This essential earth mineral has been shown to have beneficial effects on human immunity and effectiveness against viral respiratory diseases, and more scientific research is backing this statement (Jayawardena, R. et al. 2020). This is valuable information to have, especially in the light of the different viruses the human body is exposed to over its lifetime, and notably the novel corona virus we experience now. 
Selenium also has other functions in the body: 
  • It is very important as an essential element in the body’s manufacture of a range of antioxidant enzymes that are much more effective than supplemental antioxidants because these resident body enzymes are naturally produced and are made at the right time when the body needs it most;
  • ​It lowers various markers of inflammation; 
  • ​Reduces damage to the DNA and oxidative stress inside our cells, which is linked to its role in the body’s antioxidant enzymes; 
  • ​Prevents mental decline as it is linked to Alzheimer’s disease and 
  • ​It is required for the optimal functioning of the thyroid gland.
Many supplements containing selenium use a common form referred to as selenomethionine, which does a fair job at supplementing levels of the mineral in the body but is not optimally absorbed for maximum benefit.  

Genesis® Nutritional Products use a specific proprietary form of the mineral known under the trademarked name of Selplex. Selplex delivers more bio-available selenium to the tissues of the body to have maximal benefit and perform the various physiological functions associated with this mineral more optimally.

Genesis® offers a range of nutritional products that includes WOW factors, Sel-plex (selenium) and Bio-Mos. At Genesis® we aim to provide you with the best, balanced nutrition to achieve the goal of a balanced system. 

Article by Schalk van Rooyen, natural scientist and technical consultant for Laeveld Agrochem in the field of botanical extractions. 


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