What Is Sel-Plex?

Sel-Plex is a natural traceable safe source of Organic Selenium this is manufactured to mimic mother nature so it is better absorbed, stored and used by the body. It is the First strain specific organic selenium that is approved by the EU and the FDA.

Selenium is well established as an essential nutrient for maintaining optimum health status. It is perhaps less well known that selenium levels in soils around the world can vary dramatically. This means certain parts of the world are raising grains and food animals, for example, resulting in selenium-deficient food products.

SEL-PLEX® provides organic selenium yeast in the form found in nature. The form of selenium in SEL-PLEX® ensures your daily use is safe and effective. Safety is also the most important ingredient in selecting a food supplement to better your quality of life. Our scientists work with top research institutes around the world to evaluate our product offerings. For example, SEL-PLEX® has GRAS status as determined by an independent expert panel. Peer-reviewed literature confirms the product’s safety for its intended use.

SEL-PLEX® is an organic form of selenium yeast. Selenium, which is nutritionally essential for humans, plays an essential role in reproductive health, metabolism, normal growth and immunity1. Studies have suggested that improved selenium status may support healthy metabolic function

SEL-PLEX® is the first European Union approved and only FDA-reviewed form of organic selenium. SEL-PLEX® is supported by more than 19 years of scientific research. Product quality is important and our products meet the highest international quality standards (FSSC 22000, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001 & HACCP).

Proven Clinical Trials

  • 109+ scientists
  • 6 patents
  • 10 immunity trials
  • 7 safety & toxicity trials
  • 55 functional food trials
  • 29 stability trials
  • 15 bioavailability trials
  • 12 antioxidant trials