Genesis® Dual Pouches 35 x units 50g and 200ml

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GENESIS® manufacturers a special dual pack that features 50g of GENESIS® nutrient dense powder (food) on the one side and pure filtered water on the other. Once the two sides are squeezed together and the central seal is broken a delicious tasting healthy drink is created.

GENESIS® powders have been designed to be “all-in-one” products: products that are nutritionally complete, balanced, nutrient dense and great tasting without the need to add accompaniments (for example sugar).

Dual pouch 50g / 200ml (boxes of 35)

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Who Can Use Genesis®?

Genesis® is especially formulated so it can be used and enjoyed by everyone:


  • Kids
  • Teens
  • Adults



  • Gluten intolerant
  • Sportsman
  • Vegetarians
  • Lactose intolerant
  • Busy individuals with limited time
  • Health conscious
  • Large labour workforces (Mining, farming, construction)



  • Diabetics
  • People suffering from malnutrition
  • HIV / AIDS


The Wow Factors

SELPLEX® is supported by more than 19 years of research. Product quality is important and our products meet the highest international quality standards (FSSC 22000, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001 & HACCP).


  • 109+ scientists
  • 6 patents
  • 10 immunity trials
  • 7 safety & toxicity trials
  • 55 functional food trials
  • 29 stability trials
  • 15 bioavailability trials


BIOMOS® is derived from a select strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by a proprietary process. BIOMOS® benefits humans by improving gut health & immunity. BIOMOS® is a functional prebiotic that works on improving the function of the gut.

Scientifically proven mode of action in the digestive tract:

  • Blocks colonization of pathogenic bacteria
  • Modulates immune system
  • Modifies gut microflora
  • Clears out ONLY the BAD bugs (E. coli, Salmonella)
  • Leaves the good bugs alone to help protect the gut
  • Helps the immune system work more effectively
  • Reduces antibiotic use
  • Improves nutrient uptake


Instant Mix

GENESIS® mixes easily and instantly with hot or cold water or milk.

Low GI

All GENESIS® powders are Low GI products thereby providing sustained energy. Low GI products have become mainstream as consumer awareness of the risk factors with diabetes grows.

High Protein

GENESIS® is high in protein.

Nutrient Dense

GENESIS® is nutrient dense. It combines 23 vitamins and minerals, 19 Amino acids, Omega-3, Inulin (pre-biotic), Selenium and Zinc.

Free Of Allergens

GENESIS® products are free of most allergens. Gluten (wheat) free is a major benefit for many consumers.

Balanced And Complete

The macro-ingredients in GENESIS® meet the international guidelines for a balanced and complete food.

High In Energy

GENESIS® is very high in energy with every 100g serving providing over 1680kj of energy which is the equivalent of around 3 cans of energy drinks, but with a low GI for sustained energy release.

Great Tasting

All GENESIS® products are formulated to taste great and to be really enjoyed by anyone consuming the product.

Contains Electrolytes

GENESIS® contains electrolytes which are very important for people working for long hours in hot conditions. An electrolyte is a compound that ionizes when dissolved in suitable ionizing solvents such as water. This includes most soluble salts, acids, and bases. Electrolytes are important all active work functions, as well as concentration.

Serious electrolyte disturbances, such as dehydration and overhydration, may lead to cardiac and neurological complications and, unless they are rapidly resolved, will result in a medical emergency

GENESIS® contains potassium, sodium, magnesium and phosphorus and helps to replaces lost electrolytes

Contains Sel Plex Plus & Bio-Mos

All GENESIS® products contain clinically researched and tested Sel Plex & Bio-Mos under an exclusive licence agreement with Alltech.

Target Meal Occasions

The GENESIS® product range targets a wide number of different meal occasions as detailed below.
GENESIS® power (mixed with water or milk) is an ideal food to start the day.
Mid-morning or Afternoon Snack
GENESIS® dual pack is an ideal food to have as a mid-morning and/or mid-afternoon snack.
Anytime Meal Replacement
GENESIS® can be eaten as a meal replacement at any time.

Product Usage

A major advantage of the “powder” format of GENESIS® is that it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways:

  • As a meal (in a bowl) mixed with hot or cold milk or water. The ratio of powder to liquid can be altered to meet the users taste preferences
  • As a shake (drink) mixed with cold milk, water, fruit juice or yoghurt.
  • As a smoothie (thick drink). Pieces of fruit and ice cubes are added to a GENESIS® shake and liquidised.



Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla


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