Donate Genesis® High Energy Meals

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From R460.00

For just R2.20 you can feed those in need with a fully balanced nutritionally complete meal.

Donate the following:

10kg bag, Price R460 gives you 200 meals
25kg at Price 1160 gives you 500 meals

To the following charity options:

  • Dare to Love
  • Gift of the Givers

Donasies aan welsynsorganisasies is belastingaftrekbaar. Om ‘n 18A sertifikaat te gee (vanaf die welsynsorganisasie) het ons die persoon wat dit skenk se besonderhede nodig.

If you would like to receive an 18A Tax Certificate, kindly send your details to (Donar Name, Surname, Address and Company Name where Applicable.


Charity options:

  • Dare to Love
  • Gift of the Givers

Note: Should you prefer to donate Genesis® Balanced Meals to another charity click on the link below.. Follow the online order process and we will deliver the products to your door. You can then arrange for delivery to a charity of your choice.

Click here

Donation options:

  • Genesis® High Energy Meal 10kg Bulk Bag at R460 each
  • Genesis® High Energy Meal 25kg Bulk Bag at R1100 each


Donation options

10kg Bulk Bag, 25kg Bulk Bag


Dare to Love, Gift of the Givers

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