Functional foods provide health benefits beyond just energy and essential nutrients. 
It includes health promoting and disease preventing properties.

SEL-PLEX®, BIO-MOS® and Inulin are WOW factors that support gut health and immune function.

After 18 years of international (UK) experience, Michelle Bristow, (BSC. Diet Hons), wanted to apply her knowledge on GUT HEALTH and IMMUNITY to support Africa with its unique challenges related to health problems and food insecurity. 

In 2016 she launched Genesis® Nutritional Products with the objective to supply a range of ethical products that will support the body’s immune responses. Genesis is a range of functional food and supplements that includes immune supporting WOW factors: SEL-PLEX®, BIO-MOS® and Inulin. 


By Michelle Bristow (BSC. Diet Hons)

Inulin is a functional fibre which activates in the colon and is known as a prebiotic. The process works as follows: Inulin ferment’ in the colon and this process provides food for the good bacteria, namely probiotics. This fermentation process releases beneficial nutrients called short chain fatty acids. These play a vital role in gut health, absorption of key nutrients as well as immune system support.
Inulin is a Prebiotic, the food that is needed by the probiotic, (the healthy bacteria in your gut). If you want a healthy gut you need to feed the good bacteria (probiotics). This is achieved by adding a prebiotic to your diet such as inulin. Prebiotics and Probiotics have a symbiotic relationship, this means they need each other to work effectively. We all know how beneficial probiotics are to the gut BUT without the prebiotics in our diet the probiotics can’t function as it is supposed to. The reason it is seen as a symbiotic relationship is that the prebiotic (inulin) and the probiotics have to work together to allow for good healthy functioning of the GUT.

Prebiotics ferment in the gut and allow the following processes to take place:
1) Feeds the good bacteria in the gut and assists with recolonising the gut (helping good bacteria overtake the bad bacteria);
2) This fermentation process produces vital nutrients called short chain fatty acids. These nutrients play a vital role in supporting the immunity of the individual and helping with absorption of key nutrients;
3) Without the prebiotics a lot of beneficial nutrients will be lost and NOT absorbed;
4) Prebiotics assists with the feeling of fullness which is important when you are trying to lose weight;
5) Prebiotics can reduce cholesterol absorption and therefore promotes heart health.

Over the past decade, the health of your gut (commonly referred to as the gut microbiome) has become a popular area of developing research. Researchers are now discovering the gut's important role in metabolism, immune defence and behaviour. Dietitians recommend that people who would like to lose weight, increase their fibre intake in order to feel more satisfied and to deal with fewer blood sugar fluctuations. When combined with water, fibre bulks up and forms a gel-like substance that expands in the digestive tract. This may help decrease appetite and cravings — potentially helping with weight loss. It also slows the process of food emptying from the stomach and takes up more volume, both which contribute to satiety after eating. Research shows that increasing your fibre intake (especially the soluble type) helps lower blood cholesterol, reduces your risk for arteriosclerosis and can help you maintain healthy glucose levels.
BIO-MOS® is another functional fibre (prebiotic), scientifically linked to various health benefits. Michelle Bristow (BSC. Diet Hons) therefore included both BIO-MOS® and Inulin in Genesis® Nutritional Products. Genesis® is the ONLY FOOD in the world that includes this specific fibre

"We believe in the importance of gut health," says Michelle. "We believe in supporting your gut so that all the vital nutrients that you eat are absorbed and not excreted. These nutrients can then enter and support the body instead of being wasted and excreted. Increasing the number of good bacteria in your gut can help to decrease the number of bad bacteria that can lead to a variety of symptoms including inflammation and reduced nutrient absorption." 

BIO-MOS® is well researched fibre and has proven science that its mode of action is absorbing and binding bad bacteria in the colon and excreting it out. This allows for the good bacteria to increase and the bad bacteria to decrease. Excellent for gut health and therefore supporting your immunity.   



SEL-PLEX® is supported by more than 19 years of research. Product quality is important and our products meet the highest international quality standards (FSSC 22000, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001 & HACCP).
  • ​109+ scientists 
  • ​6 patents
  • ​10 immunity trials
  • ​7 safety & toxicity trials
  • ​55 functional food trials
  • ​29 stability trials
  • ​15 bioavailability trials


BIO-MOS® is derived from a select strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by a proprietary process. BIO-MOS® benefits humans by improving gut health & immunity. BIO-MOS® is a functional prebiotic that works on improving the function of the gut.  Scientifically proven mode of action in the digestive tract:.
  • Blocks colonization of pathogenic bacteria
  • Modulates immune system
  • Modifies gut microflora
  • ​Clears out ONLY the BAD bugs (E. coli, Salmonella)
  • ​Leaves the good bugs alone to help protect the gut
  • ​Support the immune system to work more effectively
  • ​Reduces antibiotic use
  • ​Improves nutrient uptake


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