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Functional foods such as GENESIS® provide health benefits beyond just energy and essential nutrients.

GENESIS® was developed by a South African dietician, Michelle Bristow, with a keen interest in public health. All GENESIS® meals contains 55 key nutrients, including a combination of 23 vitamins and minerals, 19 Amino acids, Omega-3 as well the BI0-MOS® prebiotic and SEL-PLEX®, an organic Selenium.
Donate nutrient dense meals 
2.30 per meal when buying the 25kg bulk bag.
Michelle Bristow BSc. Diet (Hons) on the programme, 
"Besigheid wat saak maak."

Low GI, high in fibre, and free of common allergens.

GENESIS® meals are free from gluten, wheat and common allergens such as lactose, eggs and nuts.

All GENESIS® meals are low GI that will keep you fuller for longer and provide sustained energy, whilst keeping your sugar levels regular. Low GI products have become mainstream as consumer awareness of the risk factors with diabetes grows. The product also contains five functional fibres to promote gut health. 


  • PROTEIN: 18g of protein per 100g meal
  • FIBRE: 6g of fibre per 100g meal
  • NUTRIENTS: 13 vitamins at 100% NRV
  • ​ANTIOXIDANTS: 5 antioxidants and minerals


  • PROTEIN: 6g of protein per 100g meal
  • FIBRE: 1.5g of fibre per 100g meal
  • NUTRIENTS: 1 vitamin at 30% NRV
  • ​ANTIOXIDANTS: 1 antioxidant

"Daryl Hardy van Dare to Love vertel meer van Genesis® en waarom hulle hierdie produk kies wanneer hulle kos skenk aan mense in nood. Die opname is deel van die televisieprogram, Besigheid wat saak maak."

The following charities will deliver Genesis® Bulk Meals to communities in need.

Section 18A Tax Certificates can be supplied for donations made to Dare to Love and Gift of the Givers.

Gift of the Givers

Dare to Love

Choose your own charity

Should you wish to donate Genesis Nutritional Products to a charity of your choice, contact michelle@genesisnutrition.co.za and provide the name, address and website (if available) of the charity that you would like to support. 

Genesis® 10kg Bulk Bag
At least 200 Meals

Donate 200 Meals @ R506
GENESIS® nutrient dense powder can easily be transported and consumed at any time by simply adding water or milk. The Genesis® High Energy Meal 10kg Bulk Bag provides at least 200 balanced meals. 

GENESIS® nutrient dense powder includes 55 key nutrients and immune supporting WOW factors:  SEL-PLEX®, BIO-MOS® and Inulin. 

Genesis® 25kg Bulk Bag
At least 500 Meals

Donate 500 Meals @ R1150
GENESIS® nutrient dense powder can easily be transported and consumed at any time by simply adding water or milk. The Genesis® High Energy Meal 25kg Bulk Bag provides at least 500 balanced meals.

GENESIS® nutrient dense powder includes 55 key nutrients and immune supporting WOW factors: SEL-PLEX®, BIO-MOS® and Inulin.


SEL-PLEX®, BIO-MOS® and Inulin are WOW factors that support gut health and immune function. 

After 18 years of international (UK) experience, Michelle Bristow, (BSC. Diet Hons), wanted to apply her knowledge on gut health and immunity to support Africa with its unique challenges related to health problems and food insecurity.

In 2016 she launched Genesis® Nutritional Products with the objective to supply a range of ethical products that will support the body’s immune responses. Genesis® is a range of functional foods that include immune supporting WOW factors: 
SEL-PLEX®, BIO-MOS® and Inulin. 

Today, various charity organisations use Genesis® Nutritional Products as part of their feeding programmes. 


SEL-PLEX® is supported by more than 19 years of research. Product quality is important and our products meet the highest international quality standards (FSSC 22000, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001 & HACCP).
  • ​109+ scientists 
  • ​6 patents
  • ​10 immunity trials
  • ​7 safety & toxicity trials
  • ​55 functional food trials
  • ​29 stability trials
  • ​15 bioavailability trials


BIO-MOS® is derived from a select strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by a proprietary process. BIO-MOS® benefits humans by improving gut health & immunity. BIO-MOS® is a functional prebiotic that works on improving the function of the gut. Scientifically proven mode of action in the digestive tract:.
  • Blocks colonization of pathogenic bacteria
  • Modulates immune system
  • Modifies gut microflora
  • ​Clears out ONLY the BAD bugs (E. coli, Salmonella)
  • ​Leaves the good bugs alone to help protect the gut
  • ​Support the immune system to work more effectively
  • ​Reduces antibiotic use
  • ​Improves nutrient uptake


Gluten FREE
Lactose FREE
" The reason for us as a company looking at a supplement for our employees was our concern about our employees health and productivity (due to their physical condition and daily nutritional intake). They were susceptible for diseases and colds, leading to the decline of productivity due to low energy levels and high absence rates.  After a couple of months of providing Genesis to our staff daily, we've witnessed a big improvement in our employee’s health and physical condition. We've weighed our employees every month to monitor their weight, and asked them how they are physically feeling and if their diseases improved or are less susceptible. All the employees reported higher energy levels, fewer incidents of illness... and they like the taste "
-Sonop Farms, Western Cape

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