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Health guidelines by our CEO Michelle Bristow (BSC. Diet Hons)
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In the mid-1940s, as World War ll approached its end, Sir Winston Churchill said: "Never let a good crisis go to waste."   

A crisis forces us to act and think differently. So what possible upside could there be in having both our health and economy threatened simultaneously? Unique opportunities are certainly presenting themselves during these challenging times. However, it is our ability to identify and prioritize these opportunities, that sets us apart. This principle is equally true for businesses and individuals. Humans and companies alike will both be required to optimize their resilience to remain healthy and/or recover from the virus. 

Take ownership: Your health 
The best way to avoid COVID-19 infection and minimize the virus’s impact when infected, is by a simple two-step approach. The first step is to avoid exposure to the virus, and the second step is to maintain a normal and healthy functioning immune system. 

It is a misconception that an individual is capable of “boosting their immune system”. The human body's brilliant immunity is designed to fight off infections when it is functioning normally (as it should). There is no known method to enhance its performance. In other words, a normal functioning immune system cannot be improved. 

The concern is however that humans are often fighting infections and viruses with a compromised immune system. 

Chronic Inflammation 
Weakened immunity is commonly caused by chronic inflammation which is also closely related to nutrition. Globally, chronic metabolic (chemical inflammation) is by far the most common reason for immune suppression. Increasingly referred to as inflamm-aging, chronic metabolic inflammation not only weakens the body, it also has a direct negative effect on the functioning of your immune system. 

Studies show that chronic inflammation is associated with worse outcomes from influenza and bacterial pneumonia, longer healing time after surgery, as well as a higher rate of metastatic disease after treatment for breast cancer. A reduction in inflammation has even been shown to reduce the incidence in cancers and improve recovery time after surgery. 

Lowering inflammation helps restore your immune response to a normal level. The damage viruses might cause to the body are often the result of a strong immune response they trigger in the infected individual. An immune system that is over-reacting (i.e., chronically inflamed) will result in more damage compared to a well regulated immune system.

Gut health 
The ancient Greek father of medicine, Hippocrates, said that “all disease begins in the gut.” Poor gut health has been linked to a range of diseases and health conditions including depression, diabetes, cancer, obesity, autism and autoimmune disease. 

Interesting research articles are published on the potential correlation between the health of your microbiome and time required to recover from the virus. Researchers are exploring connection between Prevotella, a species of gut bacteria, and severity of COVID-19.  

Gut health is one of those topics that gets more complicated the deeper you go. The scientific community is honing on the signs and symptoms of an unhealthy gut. Scientists agree that gut health comes down to supporting healthy gut bacteria and avoiding a leaky gut. Although we are still in the research phase of a top-down micromanagement approach, we have sufficient evidence to prove the effectiveness of a bottom-up intervention. The following support gut health and can decrease inflammation: 
It is a cliché that our greatest wealth is our health. Sometimes we humans are loath to change when life is moving along on its usual, predictable course. Our ability to prepare mentally and physically will be the differentiating factor that provides both individuals and companies with a competitive advantage within our "new normal".

Article by Michelle Bristow, BSC. Diet (Hons). 
Michelle Bristow is the founder and CEO of Genesis® Nutritional Products


Include functional foods in your diet.


Support gut health when you donate meals.

Michelle Bristow
BSC. Diet (Hons)

"After 18 years of international (UK) experience, I've developed a keen interest in the clinical business environment and the opportunity to present new quality products to the market. My focus is to find nutritional product solutions suitable for the unique African continent and the challenges it presents. I've dedicated my life to understand the vital role of gut health, absorption of nutrients and how it supports the immune system. "

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Michelle is the founder and CEO of Genesis® Nutritional Products, that was aired on DStv channel 147 as part of the "Stories wat saakmaak" programme.

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